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Communication is at the heart of everything...

... whether it is a business transaction, training for your employees or a sales campaign for your customers. The way you interact with the world can define your success or your failure.

Ruspan Communications Group is a language company located in Scottsdale, Arizona, specializing in world-class translation, document preparation, and copywriting.  Various other services we offer include transcription, transcreation, glossary compilation, cultural and third-party consulting.  With many language-intensive projects and events we can simplify matters by also providing recording, audio-visual, and production services including interpretation. 




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Areas of Practice


Translation is a written rendering of the original text in a foreign language. Our areas of specialization include: Medicine, Life Sciences, Law, Finance, Banking, Marketing, Business, Oil & Gas, IT, Technology. Depending on your needs, we can provide proofreading and quality control services performed by separate linguists.




Transcription is a process of converting speech into a written or electronic document. Transcribed text can then be translated. Transcription is also necessary for creation of subtitles.


Back translation is a translation of the translated text back into the source language. It is often done to ensure an additional level of accuracy and the elimination of any inconsistencies. 

Reconciliation is the process of translating the original text by two different translators, with a third choosing the best from the two translations while comparing them to the original text. 


We offer document preparation services based on your materials to save your valuable time. We can help you with Power Point presentations, brochures and other papers.


The purpose of any translation is to stay as close to the original as possible. However, if you believe that your text needs to be localized and adjusted to the target audience, please ask us about our transcreation services. As the name suggests, transcreation is in part translation, in part recreation of the text. It allows more flexibility and freedom during the adaptation of the message from one language to another.


Copywriting is the process of content creation primarily used for the purpose of advertising or marketing. Copywriting includes research, editing, proofreading and writing according to your agenda.


The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership
— James C. Humes


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